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Planning to cosplay as Guy Fieri at an upcoming convention -- Difficulty: I've only seen maybe three episodes of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and have neither the cable subscription, nor the inclination to watch any more than that, and was hoping that instead, I could get some general tips from the hive mind on how to project an aura of Fieri-ness.

So, it's about two months out from Dragon Con 2014, and in a fit of inspiration, I realized I was an application of hair bleach away from being a reasonable facsimile of Guy Fieri. And with Dragon Con being the sort of convention where you can pretty much cosplay as ANYTHING and not be out of place (last year two guys cosplayed as the distinctive carpet in one of the convention hotels), I decided to run with the idea.

So far, I've got the hair nailed perfectly: I've had about three or four co-workers already make the comparison to Fieri (I'll be waiting until the week of the convention to do the bleach in the goatee).

I know about the sunglasses being a big thing, and wearing them backwards so they don't fall in the soup.

I've found a good image of his arm tattoo and will be getting some temporary tattoo paper for my inkjet.

Flame shirt is on order, and I'll be swinging by the mall to pick up some cheap earrings/pinkie rings/studded leather armbands.

I plan to have a spray bottle of Sriracha with me.

I figure my default pose for photos can be Guy Fieri pointing at things.

So, my question is, what other visual cues/mannerisms/catchphrases to I need to consider, to push this cosplay over the top?

Also would it be worth it tofind out if there's going to be a Homestuck group shot and try to get in on it, or is Guy Fieri too minor a part of the Homestuck mythos to even bother?
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Talk with food in your mouth and say "it's got a kick to it."
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If you haven't already, you might want to read this epic review of Fieri's restaurant in NYC for some background, uh, flavor.
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Wear lots of big ugly rings and jewelry. And before you do anything make sure you announce that it's "time to de-bling" and start taking them off.
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After you taste anything, scream, "That's off the hook!"
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I wouldn't want to watch any of his shows either, but maybe you can get some tips (and laughs) from Bobby Moynihan's version.

Guy's Christmas Special
Weekend Update
Another Weekend Update

Watching these you apparently also will need to yell "Full throttle!" a lot.
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You need to follow 'dadboner' or 'bonerdad' on twitter. I forget which one it is. You'll get all the guy fieri you can handle.
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Also his goatee isn't dyed. Just the hair.
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You must learn the "hunch" approach to getting a huge messy sandwich into your mouth. It.s a key move. Search "fieri hunch" on YouTube.

Also, distain eggs.
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In addition to the review CCoDoD linked to above, I'd also suggest this parody menu to get an ear for the types of phrasings you might want to use.
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Lots of rings.
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My hubby loves Triple D (Diner's Drive-In's and Dives). Loves it. So we watch a lot of it. Anyway, Guy Fieri never wears pants. He wears long shorts, mostly denim. So get that flame shirt, but you've gotta sport the denim shorts too. And yeah, sandals.

And he thinks he's punny. Any kind of bad, food pun will work. Another of his catch phrases seems to be, "you knocked that out of the park." Also, fist bumps.
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Also his goatee isn't dyed. Just the hair.

Most of my image research of him (and of parodies of him like the SNL skits linked to above) shows him with a bleached strip down the soul patch area, sort of a skunk stripe for the chin.
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Sunburned face, except for where his sunglasses go.
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Oh yeah, and if you get any food on your face, ask random passersby (with a straight face) if you have "anything" on your face. He does that all of the time. I mean all. of. the. time.

If you're going with a friend or friends, have them take pics of you pointing at the signs of any eatery you pass by. BTW, I totally envy you. I wanna go to Dragon*Con again!
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Sorry for the multiple posts, but my husband reminded me of another catch phrase... "Shut the front door." He says that all of the time.

Get a toy Camaro and refer to it often.
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"I could eat that off a flip flop"

"winner, winner, chicken dinner!"

"That's BANANAS!! (and bananas is goooood!!!)"

(Also, fun anecdote..... his real name is Guy Ferry. He changed it to Guy Fieri to sound more Italian I'm guessing.)
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