Bathing suit of specific description sought
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So, I've been looking for a couple of years for a decent bathing suit, and I have a few requirements. Longish bike-y shorts and a tankini top that is sporty and feminine without being plain, supportive for a 38D bustline, and ideally with some kind of tummy panel for shaping. The tankini top part is not that hard to find, but the big deal has been the shorts. I don't want a swim skirt and I don't want "boy shorts".

I want bike-length shorts that coordinate with a cool supportive top. The shorts need to have an inseam longer than 3" and it should look like the top and the shorts belong together. I don't want "board shorts", which are loose, but bike shorts (and by bike shorts, I mean longer than boy shorts and shorter than Bermudas, but tight). I am willing to pay around $80-150 for this combo.
posted by lakersfan1222 to Shopping (18 answers total) 31 users marked this as a favorite for the shorts; search on women's compression. Inseams should come in like 3", 5", and 7". I wear Nike Pro Combat and also the plain Eastbay house brand shorts to swim in. You can also get nike pro combat at Dicks/sports authority/etc - I'm not sure where you are. The supportive tank tops you can find by the ton at sports stores, but also at clearance stores like Marshall's, Burlington coat factory, tjmaxx, Ross, etc.
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Would you consider an all-in-one (like a wetsuit type of design), or does it have to be two-piece?
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Lands End? They have 4 different lengths of swim shorts. What about these ones?
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I'd prefer a two piece but the wet suit idea is worth a look, never thought of that. I'd have to find a wetsuit with some kind of bra though, and some supportive underarmature, I've got quite the chest and would have to find something that has a tank type top rather than a short sleeve top. I'm trying to get this done while still maintaining a hip edge.

The Land's End shorts are interesting, but they are sold out and look too much like regular shorts! I would have snagged them right now, but, yeah, no longer available.

Eastbay looks promising. I'm hoping for something that is sold in a set and looks like it was made to be worn together, but patching together some pieces is not out of the question. Still, looking for something coordinated.
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I'm in the US, but will definitely consider shipping from overseas.
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I think you want to head over to Swim Outlet and look at their Triathlon swimsuit sets. Other words to try to find what you're looking for are 'tri tank', 'Tri shorts' and 'paddle shorts' (Basically bike shorts made for paddle boarders).
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Might be able to go with these shorts on swimsuit for all, and then any of the separates tops that match colorwise?
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I got these several years ago, and really like them. It seems they have an updated style that might be more up your alley. I've called Coolibar to ask about their products in the past, and they are very helpful and carry a wide range of sizes.
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Definitely investigate triathalon attire. You might be able to find triathalon shorts without the padding.

Are these shorts too short? They have the tummy control. This line has matching tops too.

These are also swim shorts but you might not like the tops as much. The shorts don't have any padding.
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These are polyester so they a. Last forever and b. Aren't very stretchy (but do fit well):

Three lengths of swim shorts at H2Owear
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Athleta has swim shorts. They also have swim tights, maybe you can cut them to your desired length.
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Wow, sorry about the Lands End link. They are having the 40% off swim sale and when I posted it last night the shorts were available in 3 colors and most sizes! They are down to just black size 6 now. They have amazing customer service. You could call and see if they will get any more I'm stock or see if they have them at a Sears in your area (the LE inside Sears have a decent selection).
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As far as the top is concerned, I'm a busty woman who had trouble finding supportive swimwear that I felt comfortable wearing for a long time out of the water. While there are more tankini options with built in bras these days, they are so fabric-heavy they can't air dry. I ended up buying a well-made underwire bikini top and wearing a workout tank over it. It's pretty much the same material as a swimsuit. It covers, it's supportive, is cute, and dries quickly. If I planned on being very active in it, I might get a more supportive bikini top but it's the best solution I have found.
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Try coolibar for the shorts
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What about finding a top that you like, and then coordinating it with bike shorts?

I think some bike shorts are essentially swimsuit material anyway. Like these from Target, that are polyester and spandex.
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Apparently my friend wears these C9 spandex shorts (from Target) for swimming - 3.5" inseam. The wide waistband ensures that it doesn't dig into her middle and prevents any muffin-top action. She paired it with a triathalon swim top with some black in it, and it looks like a great set -- you cannot tell it's not made to go together.

And here's some other swimwear shorts - HydroChic Shorts - I'm not sure you'll like any of the tops, but they would also be easy to match with other tankini tops with coordinating colors.
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Another option that just occurred to me -- swim tights are becoming a thing. Would you be interested in longer pants and/or capris? If not, it would be dead simple to have them tailored to be the length you want. Many of them come with matching tops.

Ariel Swim Capri with matching Ariel Tiki Tankini

Torpedo Swim Capri with matching Torpedo Tankini

Hurley Dri Fit Crop Printed Legging and Hurley Dri Fit Blocked Tank

Coolibar Swim Capris

Mahiku Valentine Capri

Colorblock Swim Capri with matching Knot Front Tankini (I believe other tops would match the blue, and there are other colors for the tights)

Fire & Ice' Ikat Swim Capris would look great with a plain black tankini top and you could pick up the matching Ikat Rashguard if you're interested

More shorts:
Swim shorts

Plus Size Swim Shorts

Bohn Swimwear Ladies Swim Jammer Shorts
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Effing perfect, hivemind.
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