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Looking to have an indoor-fancy-dining meal in Manhattan as a sort of going away for up to 6 people next month. Hoping to have to stay under $100/person all in with drinks, tax and gratuity included, but in a place where a group of folks dressed in blazers and dresses wouldn't totally look out of place and with somewhat of a fun atmosphere. Ideally non "american" (i.e not new american, or a steakhouse). Asian food probably preferred. Reservations available. What do you suggest?
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Best answer: Tsurutontan at Union Square. (The midtown location is just as tasty but not the vibe you're going for.)
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Best answer: Cote Korean Steakhouse is stylish, fancy-ish blazers appropriate, and probably under 100/per person but you may cut it close if going all out with cocktails etc. They have a 58/pp steak and ban chan sides deal that is probably fun and easy for a big group.

Edit: Nevermind, just saw you didn't want steakhouses. Well it's a Korean Steakhouse so maybe it still counts...
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Contra is currently doing an a la carte menu instead of its usual tasting. I'm assuming you'll want a couple of plates per person, which seems (with one drink + split dessert) to come in just at your limit. It's been my go-to for "fancy but not wildly expensive NYC dinner out for visitors" for some time. I'd say it's Asian-inflected (last time I was there they had a great house-made tofu dish that pleased both me and my classic Midwestern mother who's probably had tofu ten times in her whole life).
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I like Danji a lot. It’s Korean fusion — I’d say the feel is more nice American restaurant than Korean, but the food is identifiably Korean. Food is terrific, the atmosphere is comfortable, and the last time I was there it was in the right price range.
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Gaonnuri advertises itself as Korean BBQ but does also have some non-BBQ entrees. (I had a perfectly nice lunch there as a vegetarian.)
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Some more options in case you want it:

- Hangawi , extremely delicious vegetarian, K-Town
- Her Name is Han, K-Town
- Oiji, East Village

All pretty interiors, meets your budget, takes reservations for 6. And all Korean! Seems to be a sweet spot :)
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Pig & Khao (article)Southeast Asian Filipino & Thai Lower East Side
Hao Noodle (article)Chinese- West Village & Chelsea Locations
Thep- (article) Thai Upper East Side- no reservstions but you can join a waiting list online
Thai Diner- (article)Thai & Thai/American from the owners of the former Uncle Boon’s in Nolita
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