How to send a legitimate email to ~50 people and not get flagged as spam
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I will be sending an email about my mom to around 50 people (all bcc except one (who has agreed to this) on the To line) and hope to avoid getting caught in spam filters or be deleted manually by recipients as spam

My mom’s name will be in the subject line, and the text will be normal text which I don’t think sounds spam-like. I will introduce myself at the beginning of the email with my name and as her daughter. Everyone receiving the email knows my mom and will recognize her name, but they don’t all know me. Even many of those who know me have never gotten email from me so my email address will not be in their inboxes or address books.

This will be a one-time email, or I may send one more email to thank people afterwards. This will not be ongoing.

This will be sent from a gmail address via Apple mail on a Mac laptop. I could also send from gmail’s web interface if that is better.

My questions are: is it ok to put all of these people as bcc on one email or is it better to send 2 or 3 (or more) separate emails? Is there anything else I should do to avoid the email being identified as spam either automatically or manually by the recipients?
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Best answer: 50 recipients, once, from a main stream email provider (basically something that you are not hosting yourself) will be totally fine.
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Best answer: Yeah, I have sent out party invitations in batches of 50. It is possible some instances are getting marked as spam, but I don't seem to have trouble getting through.
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Response by poster: Thank you both! I won’t worry, then.
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