Howto Auto BCC in Thunderbird?
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I want every email I send from Thunderbird to be BCCed to a gmail address?

It is late Sunday, (or I am coming down with something) but I can't figure out how to automatically have a copy of every email I send via Thunderbird BCCed to a gmail address that I am using as a backup store. Ideally, I would like it to go to the gmail sent box.
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Best answer: Right-click on the account name. Account Settings > Copies & Folders > Bcc these email addresses.

You can set up a filter on the gmail account to "skip inbox", but I don't think it can be designated as sent mail.
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Response by poster: Ta very much gleuschk
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A substitute for the sent mail thing might be to create a filter in Gmail that labels all mail received from your Thunderbird email account.
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Have you tried simply using as your outgoing mail server?
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