Name of a short film about a cat who is actually Cthulhu?
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I remember watching a video on the Internet (probably YouTube but might have been Vimeo). It was a middle-aged or older man talking about his cat. As he keeps talking, the viewer realizes that the man is completely insane and he's actually talking about Cthulhu. What was the name of that film?

I remember only a few details - he mentions the cat's name is "Tulee" or "Tuluu"; he describes the cat as "sleeping on the other side of the door", "dreaming about hunting", and that the cat wants to come in, but it's important not to open the door. I think it was short, less than 5 minutes.
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Maybe this?
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Best answer: You are looking for Call of Tutu which is a 2006 short film by Aaron Vanek who has done a few Lovecraftian short films.
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