What is this dial in my kitchen?
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I am trying to figure out what this switch/dial in my kitchen is for (if it has a purpose). This is in the Netherlands. More details inside.

The dial has three settings: the setting with two dots, the setting with three dots, and the halfway point between them, which I'm pretty sure had a single dot at one point. Since we've been living here, it has been set to the two-dot setting.

A few things I've ruled out:

- I can't remove it from the plug socket, so I think it's built in
- It does not appear to have any effect on the socket next to it
- It also doesn't appear to affect the major kitchen appliances (fridge, oven). However, the oven is fairly new (though it precedes our purchase of the house), so maybe it could have been linked to the old oven
- There is an air duct above it on the wall, but I don't think it affects that
- A friend suggested that it could be linked to our water heater, but I don't think so: the water heater is in the attic and the kitchen is on our ground floor (and on a different circuit), and the little screen on the water heater shows the same information no matter what setting the dial is set to

I've lived in this house for four years and have never noticed this dial before, so I don't think it can be very important (but I am curious!) I'm also aware of all the relevant Reddit communities, so I'll try there if nobody here knows.
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Best answer: It's a fan switch, so it will be intended to control the ventilation duct.
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Response by poster: That was quick! Thank you!
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