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Recommendations for a standing reading light please...

I am looking for a good reading light, preferably standing and of good design. I have seen previous AskMefi posts regarding full spectrum lights and although they seem interesting, I am not sure if they are worth the money (even the bulbs seem very expensive).

I would like it to be as reasonably priced as possible but will be prepared to pay more if it is worth it.

I like good design and would like it to look good but the primary consideration is for a light that will facilitate reading for long periods in comfort with minimum eye-strain.

I live in the UK and any recommendations would hopefully be for shops in the UK or for something that can be delivered here.

Any points you think I should consider are most welcome.

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Levenger makes some great floor lamps especially for readers. I haven't used their floor lamps, but I have used a bedside reading lamp of theirs (halogen) and it was great. There's also a company from the UK that takes out tiny ads in the New Yorker advertising floor lamps for readers, but I can't find it online and I don't have a New Yorker (magazine) handy. I'll take a look when I get home if no one has answered this.
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I have a Lumie desk lamp which I use mainly for reading; it's very nice, but yes, perhaps a bit overkill if you have no interest in the light therapy aspects.

I also have a bunch of BioBulbs which might be more interesting if you find a suitable lamp to put one in. I get good use out of them with a couple of standard desk lamps placed high up.
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