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I'm moving to Boston in the next couple of months. Is there a good, big photography store in or around the city? Not just the local Ritz to get my film developed; I'm thinking somewhere with the technical breadth of B&H in New York. I'd like to be able to get 120 film, used lenses, developing chemicals, etc. Any suggestions? (I realize I can order from B&H online, but finding somewhere local would be preferable.)
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My boyfriend spends an inordinate amount of time and money in the Hunts store in Harvard Sq. They have other locations in the area though, so you can pick one which is convenient.
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I think you want either Calumet or E.P. Levine. Neither is as comprehensive as B&H, but they should be able to fulfill your needs.
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Ferranti- Dege on Mass Ave in Harvard Square is a good full service pro-sumer store (35mm mostly, some digital processing, used stuff). E. Phillip Levine in Boston for hardware for medium format and studio stuff is good but pricey. Zeff in Belmont is good for studio and wedding supplies, new and used stuff etc.
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Dorian Color Lab (Arlington, MA)

Spectrum Color Labs (Boston, MA).

Zona Photographics Labs, Inc. (Somerville, MA).
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Ferranti-Dege at 1300 Mass Ave in Harvard Square is where I pick up most of my equipment . Really great second-hand gear, too.
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Plenty of good above, not so much big if you're using B&H as a comparison. When I need B&H, I tend to plan or wait for a trip to NYC, as I've found depth in Boston but haven't been satisfied with the prices.
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I second (or third) Ferranti-Dege and Zeff, as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great suggestions, all. I'll have to go photo-store-hopping next weekend and let you guys know what I think. This is off the front page, so this side question might never be seen, but: do any of these places specialize in repair? Specifically, a (probably simple) repair to the light meter of a Minolta SRT-202?
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I know that Ferranti-Degi has a repair stand inside, around where they sell film, and they can ship it out if it's more serious.
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