Light refreshment near NYBG
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Meeting friends at the NYBG tomorrow, and I'm wondering if folks here could recommend a good place to stop for some light refreshment around there? Preferably not too expensive. One of us is a teetotaller.
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Best answer: There are outdoor cafes in NYBG near the main gate. Also Arthur Avenue isn’t too far away with Italian bakeries and restaurants.
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Best answer: The outdoor cafe at the nybg is gorgeous, it's really lovely. Also, following up on Jill, Arthur Ave Market it's lovely.
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Best answer: Is light refreshment some cute way of saying booze? If no there are some Albanian places walking distance from the Mosholu Gate that are interesting. Believe they are dry tho.

Otherwise your best option is the cafe which is nice but the food quality doesn't quite match the ambiance. There are the casual place near the main entrance which are fake food trucks. There is also a seated place on the walk from the Haupt conservatory to the Mosholu Gate.

Or Arthur Ave but that's not readily walkable
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Best answer: did that earlier this week, and went to arthur avenue for bruschetta afterwards, it was fantastic.
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Response by poster: Update: we ended up at the outdoor cafe in the garden because we were all exhausted, but in future I would love to combine a visit to Arthur Ave. The Albanian places near the Mosholu gate sound interesting too.
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