Bra recommendations: like Uniqlo's Beauty Light but better quality
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For the past few years Uniqlo's Beauty Light (apparently now "3D Hold") bras have been my go-to: lightweight, no underwire, but enough of a contour/shape to be more flattering on me than something like a bralette. What I don't like is that they seem to fall apart after only a year or so of wear (glued seams come apart, exposing bare elastic underneath). I machine wash in a delicates bag and line dry and don't see myself hand washing my everyday bras, ever. Do you have recommendations for similar minimal bras with better build quality?
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Knix Wireless
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Reminds me a bit of the Sunnie bra from Aerie. It's pretty much the only bra I'll wear now -- so incredibly comfortable, and the first ones I bought have lasted for 3+ years. I machine-wash on delicate cycle and air dry. I wear a B cup, ymmv for larger cup sizes!
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Gap's Breathe Wireless Bra sounds really similar and has held up well for me.
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I find bras don't tend to last more than 6 months or so, not falling apart, but stretching out so they don't fit well, with frequent wear and handwashing. A year sounds pretty good.
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Bali comfort revolution bra. Seriously, this is the best purchase I’ve ever made due to an Instagram influencer, lol.
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I recently gave in to incessant instagam advertising and bought the Nellie wireless bra from Davy Piper. It's surprisingly awesome? A little more sports bra-ish, but still a good shape and VERY comfortable. I also love that they have both regular and large boob sizing -- I'm generally a 32FF and the "S - Busty" fits perfectly.
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I love True&Co's bras. I am shocked at how well the True Body Lift holds me up! You can try on most styles at Nordstrom, or order on Amazon.
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