Phrase from movies/tv?
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I saw this recently: a website that given some text as input would play parts of movies / tv shows that said those words for you. I can't remember where I saw it... metafilter? some random site in my RSS reader? Anyway, I'd like to find it again.

It is NOT: or
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No, but that one is cool. The tool I'm looking for would make a custom movie by splicing together just the clips saying the specific word you entered from whatever media it found them in. So I could enter an arbitrary phrase and get a custom video. These just let me search for known phrases in movies.

Rereading the question I don't think I made that clear. :(
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Youglish pulls all youtube videos containing a given word or phrase and lets you move from one to another but you have to click to move to the next.
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Out of curiosity, why not It seems to be the direct answer to what you're asking.
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Is it MUBI remix?
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I saw it too, I think it was on Hacker News
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metabaroque, I think OP is looking for a tool that will build a sequence of words that may or may not have existed before in a movie. So I could type, “Tequila murdered Ted’s father” and it would pull a very short clip from four different movies and stitch them together.

Having said that, I tried searching and have so far come up empty, but this seems really cool so I’ll keep looking.
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Upon failing to preview, MUBI Remix does appear to do this.
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vixt, a phone app, seems to be the closest. There was a site (app?) called clipdis that did this but does not appear to be online anymore
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