Why NOT take gas station pills and repair appliances?
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About two years ago, I watched some kind of DIY YouTube video and the creator had ingested over-the-counter pills available at his local gas station. What was he repairing, and how can I find him again?

I believe I found this channel when I was looking for how to repair a large appliance or some electronics in my own home. The gist of most of his videos seemed to be "I bought a packet of dodgy pills at my local filling station and attempted to do some DIY work on a household item, while narrating what effects the pills had." (Maybe he said/wrote "petrol station"? He was almost definitely British!)

Knowing my own needs and likely searches, it was probably a washing machine or dishwasher. I believe he had picked up male enhancement pills and described them as a mix of herbs and amphetamines.
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Youtube has a history on a desktop computer, if you watched it there. You can try that if no-one has any better options. I watch lots of repair videos (fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, several cars, and microwave this year alone) and the video and concept doesn't ring a bell.
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Mod note: Couple comments deleted - despite the title, the question is just looking to re-find this particular Youtube video, not for looking for info about gas station pills.
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Best answer: The details don't ring a bell, but your description of the style and genre sounds very much like bigclivedotcom. Him possibly?
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Best answer: It is indeed a video by Big Clive
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Response by poster: Pipeski found it! Thank you!
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Oh, you're lucky! You've got a whole bunch of great Big Clive videos ahead of you.
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