Can you recommend a packing and moving/shipping service, NYC to China?
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I have been asked to get someone’s personal belongings (no furniture, just miscellaneous personal belongings) from their apartment in NYC to China (city unknown yet, I am finding out). The added twist here is that I need a company who will also PACK the belongings into boxes or crates for me.

Is this a job for a moving company? I also considered the possibility of having a local company do the packing/inventory, and then shipping by FedEx or other commercial shipping company? If this were for myself, price would be a consideration, but this is a work project and I need to prioritize reliability (really needs to arrive at the destination in China) and insurance. I know this is going to be expensive, and that’s OK. Looking for any recommendations and advice; whether it’s specific companies or just advice on the process. Thank you!
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This is a job for a high end moving company, one that moves a lot of art work, does a lot of white glove work. I know of one off the top of my head in NY, Codogan Tate. They do a lot of international shipping of high end art and personal possessions. I do not know about to China, but I do know they do a lot of London to NY stuff. Here is a link to the page where they talk about business and personal relocation services.

They do have competitors, but I have no experience with or knowledge of their competitors. I have used them (CT) as a receiver and storage for furniture.
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I can't offer a specific recommendation for NYC but this is something that the military does fairly often (there's many tales of things like ashtrays being meticulously packaged up with ashes still inside of them), so if money is not a problem, you might see if you can track down who the military uses in the area.
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