Is there cotton material in the N95 Masks or KN95 Masks?
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I have an allergy to cotton material, and I am not sure if either N95 or KN95 masks have cotton material in them? As I have only been wearing cloths masks made of polyester, nylon, etc. without cotton material.
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My package I have in front of me says that my KN95 has a layer of "Electrostatic Filtration Cotton," sandwiched between two layers of non-woven fabric along with two layers of melt-blown fabric (melt-blown fabric is definitely something plasticky, non-woven is probably also plasticky although I think it can be made from rayon).

Probably depends on the brand, though.
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These N95s from the same place I got my KN95s don't list a cotton layer. I also have a box of KN95s from a different supplier that *does* contain a cotton layer. So maybe KN95s are more likely to include a cotton layer?
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It's definitely going to depend on the individual mask brand and type.

These guys are very communicative, US-based, and try to be ethical. I'd contact them and ask.
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