Advice for Florida Keys in June 2021
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I'd like spend a few weeks this June in the Florida Keys. Looking for suggestions, advice and current on-the-ground information! Parameters and details under the fold.

I am fully vaccinated and will be driving my own vehicle.

Between taking time off and working remotely I've got all of June available, and think I'll spend most of it in/around the Keys since I'm looking for a mostly chill time close to the water and doing a lot of diving and snorkeling. I'll have camping gear with me and plan to do a bit of that, but am looking mostly at airbnb or vrbo rentals in the Keys or close by (Florida City?) as a base, and then doing day trip explorations within driving distance.

Specific bonus question: are there still dive operators doing day trips to the Dry Tortugas NP? My preliminary research suggests the only way to dive there now is to charter a boat..

I have been and continue to be quite COVID cautious (even fully vaccinated I am not eating indoors at restaurants and would not consider being unmasked indoors around random people). The idea of spending a lot of time in crowded urban environments is unappealing at this point.. it would be great to hear some current reports of what the situation is like "on the ground" with respect to the pandemic situation and general public behavior.

(I've looked at prior Florida Keys related questions and will be checking out those suggestions, but they are all several years old and I imagine much has changed this past year alone)

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My friend rented a key west house to work from home the last 3 months, and has been posting publicly about it. And things she did, maybe some ideas there. I can ask her about dry tortuga's.

phillysteph, key west

Judging from her pictures and it being florida, things are pretty open.
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With Florida's governor opening things up, the crowds might be back, not sure. But crowds or not, I always suggest skipping Mallory Square for the sunset view. Instead, go to the old Holiday Inn (now the Crowne Plaza Key West) on Duval Street, take the elevator to the rooftop bar, and enjoy a better view, less crowds, and a sea breeze while you drink something cool (doesn't need to contain alcohol).
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