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Blogs you love?

I'm always seeking to expand my little Netvibes page with things to keep me amused during the day. Subject matter isn't as important as being witty and fresh.

Topics I do particularly like include books (ex. Bookslut), food (Eater), all things New York (Gawker, Gothamist), lifehacks (well, Lifehacker), trashy celebrity goodness (Go Fug Yourself), and just assorted random links (Fark-style).

Hit me up with some more to keep me busy!
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I have a small collection of cool linkblogs on my web site. I would recommend Ursi's Blog, which leans toward art/photography & games links, Geisha Asobi Blog for wacky Japanese goodness and Jaf Project is amusingly eclectic.
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Dooce. She is just all around entertaining and fantastic.

Waiter Rant Hilarious rants of a waiter

Post Secret Anonymous postcards of secrets

Mighty Goods Excellent shopping blog with unique items featured almost daily.

Oh No They Didn't! A great livejournal community teeming with celebrity gossip. I find this site is always ahead of the game with breaking gossip. (You don't need to be a livejournal member to read!)

The new and improved Gawker Stalker which is now using Google Maps (is the best!) to track celebrity sightings all over New York. I don't even live there and I love it.

Stereogum for music and its related gossipy goodness.

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Digital Inspiration
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We Make Money, Not Art is a fantastic futurist tech blog.

If you happen to want the Gizmodo editor OPML, I'm more than happy to dish. It's about 250 news, tech and assorted other gems put together by folks who care about that sort of thing.

Email is in profile.
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Random Acts of Reality (the blog of a London EMT)

Religious Policeman (ex-pat talking about religion/politics/current events in Saudi Arabia)

Warren Ellis (comics author and general crazy-brilliant person)
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Overheard in New York
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Information Aesthetics
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1 deal a day starting at midnight, they have some really good stuff sometimes
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Apartment Therapy

Slant Magazine

And my personal linklog of favorites - though if I had to pick just three I'd pick Bitchypoo, Plain-Jane and Ejshea
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A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago is terrific.
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There's many I read, but love? The Bleat!
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You Ain't No Picasso is good for indie rock. Ditto Gorilla vs. Bear.
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Pink is the New Blog
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I love Anonymous Lawer if you like Office Space, you'll love it.

Also like J-Walk

I'd have to second Woot and Post Secret
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The busblog.
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Worth1000 Not a blog but Great New Surprising Stuff Every Single Day
Bruce Sterling Best Voice On the Web
Bifurcated Rivets Curious Brit Finding Gems
Wooster Collective Street Art Cred
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Cool Hunting
Dope Fiend
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I thought of a few more because I'm a celebrity gossip whore.

What Would Tyler Durden Do?
I Don't Like You In That Way
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Things Magazine for all round linky goodness
Scaryduck for some quality content - won a Guardian comp once ya know..
Jonny B which has excellent writing, witty and very "british".. in a good way.
My Boyfriend is a Twat twice winner of European Bloggie of the year..

and everyone else on my blogroll, I don't stand for rubbish and don't link to it!!

(and blimey, it's a bit scary to see my name listed above - thanks ceri richard!)
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Hewn & Hammered
Urban Cartography

Both witty and educational.
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Snowgoon: Thanks for the plug!

In turn I recommend Blogjam - fantastic writing.
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I really like Bibi's box. Her blog includes a little of everything but she really shines when it comes to finding neat retro art, illustrations pin-ups, etc.
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I asked about funny blogs here and got lots of good suggestions. This thread asked about 'best web writing' for inclusion in a book (disclaimer of sorts: my stuff was chosen to be included in the book, but it never happened. Bummer), and has some great sites mentioned.
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I also like amalah. She's a young mother blogging about her social life, her infertilty (before baby obviously), her pregnancy, and now her life after the baby. Funny, poignant and real.
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