Formatting Combined Feeds as a Daily Link List
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I have been using reblog to combine two feeds (for a blog and a forum) which I then publish through Feedburner. What I want to do is have the blog part of my feed update normally (i.e. individual posts) and the forum part of my feed compiled into a daily link list (which itself is published as if it were ONE feed post each day)... What ways exist for me to do this?

I have already devised a simple way to do this, but I cannot edit the output.

At the moment I have reblogger publish my forum feed to a delicious account. Then using the feedburner link-splicer, delicious posts are called up at the end of each day and compiled as a daily link list in my feed.

Problem is I can't edit the title, format etc. of the output. (I'd like to change the title of this daily post to read something like 'Forum Activity for 30th March 2006')

Any other methods to do this? (my knowledge of PHP and the like is slim, so be gentle).

Thanks a lot
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Can you contact me off-site at I'm one of the developers of Reblog, curious to hear more about what you're trying to do. This may be doable with a custom Reblog output template, but I'd like to learn a little more about your situation.
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