public school rankings, state by state
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Please help me find, free of charge, reliable statistics for US Public school academic ratings. Elementary thru high school, state by state.

I read a while back that Nevada scored 49th lowest and New Mexico 50th.

Searching for this on the internet proved to be harder than I thought. I found several sites that will give me this information for a fee. That feels absurd to pay for something that should be public info and I believe it must be out there somewhere.

Will be interesting to see what state scores 1st and what state is dead dumb last.

So any help would be very appreciated.

PS. I know "thru" is not a word but it should be.
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The NAEP data will tell you how students scored on standardized tests in each state. I'm not sure if that really accurately reflects on the quality of the schools though, because things like budgets and demographics can mean that brilliant and gifted teachers may be stuck with overall low proficiency students, and vice versa.
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Response by poster: Thank you very much Rhomboid.
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