Global payment processor for VAT?
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I plan to launch a subscription service as a freelancer. A sticking point is that I and my business are located in Sweden, which means that I am obligated to collect VAT (value-added taxes) on subscription services purchased by Swedish residents (and possibly other EU residents as well but that part I can figure out on my own). I am having problems finding an appropriate and affordable payment processor.

Needed: a payment processor that can add VAT to the purchase price of a subscription service if a Swedish resident buys a subscription but not add VAT for other subscribers. Does anyone know of a payment processor that can handle VAT collection for a small business and accept (ideally) multiple currencies? Finding support for this is more challenging than I expected.
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Best answer: Is the service you are offering a digital service or a human service such as consultation, support, or design? If your subscription service is a digital service (particularly one of the services eligible for VAT MOSS), take a look at They support recurring payments, VAT (including both inclusive or exclusive pricing), multiple currencies and localized checkout (including Swedish).
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Best answer: I haven't done this specific thing, but I bet Shopify can handle it. The company I currently work for ships to 45+ countries, and we use Shopify to handle payments in £/$/€ and charge different taxes in different regions, including right down to handling individual city taxes in the USA.
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Best answer: I’m not sure what level of thing you need - i.e. how much work, if any, you’re able and willing to do to set things up technically. I’ve used Chargebee for a subscription service, but it involved some coding at our end to integrate it with our site. As I understand it, it handles the VAT stuff OK.

It’s built on top of Stripe (which is a bit more low level again and, I think, bafflingly, doesn’t handle VAT automatically), so it might also be worth looking at their list of “partners” for recurring billing, to see if there’s anything there that fits the bill.
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Best answer: Also, I subscribe to a couple of things that use Memberful and that looks like it does some handling of VAT although I’m not 100% certain if it does exactly what you need. Again, built on top of Stripe.
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