Paypalfilter please help me!
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How do I send someone a Paypal subscription invoice?

I need to send someone a link via email where they can set up a recurring payment to my paypal account. I can't figure out how to do this! Please help....
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Best answer: You will need to copy and paste the email link Paypal gives you when you set up the subscription - there's no way to use the invoice function for recurring payments, but when you create a subscription it'll give you a link you can use in email.
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Sending someone an invoice that's payable through Paypal and that you can track? Curdbee is a free service that can organize and track that for you. I use it for my trivia business, and it's ace.

As far as setting up a recurring payment that'd automatically take the payment out of their account, well, annathea's answer is probably the best.
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