How to block light coming out from top of curtain?
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So I accidentally installed my blackout curtain too low and there is a lot of light seepage from the top. Is there any way to somehow block some of that light coming in without having to redo the curtain? The room is not currently dark enough.
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If you dont need to open the curtains, you could wedge something in between the top of the curtains and the window, rolled up towel, pool noodle, depending on the width needed.
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Can you put a paper shade on the interior of the window?
You can get them in black, are self adhesive, and are easily cut to the size of the window.
Granted, when you open your curtains and want some sunlight, you're going to have to fold up the paper shade (they are accordion folded) and clip it to make it stay up, but it's easier than drilling new holes in your wall.
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You could install a second curtain rod above the first one and add a curtain scarf or valance.

For a no-drill solution, you could get light-blocking window cling film and put it on the top half of the window. Window cling film comes in a variety of light blocking levels and decorative patterns, and is relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to install (or remove later without damage to the window).
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Non-fancy solution: buy a sheet of heavy black or navy paper from an art store, cut a strip of it a little wider than the window (just enough to cover the gap), and tape it to the window frame. I did something similar for the side of a window where my blinds don't reach quite far enough, and it completely blocks the streetlight outside.
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Just jumping to say : be careful with black paper or fabric against the glass on only part of your window... It can create such a temperature difference when the sun shines on the glass (especially in winter) that the glass can crack.
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I was thinking of pinochiettes response but rather than taping to the glass, tape it to the window frame so that it’s perpendicular to the wall. It’s almost like creating a paper valence. At the very least it shouldnt cost too much to give it a try
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Yeah, I also suggested taping it to the frame. In my case, that's because I can't cut straight, so if it's larger than the window, it's a way to avoid gaps.
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Pinochiette, I’m saying tape the paper to the top of the frame so that it sticks out 90degrees from the wall and creates a “top” to the curtains and wouldn’t be seen from the street side.
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Put in a window valance box! Or, if you don't need it to be perfectly tight, just a regular window valance made out of fabric. You could use the same fabric as the curtains or something that contrasts nicely, depending on taste.
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All these solutions will work, but they really don't feel like more actual *work* than drilling four more holes per window and just moving the thing up a few inches
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