Is there anything remotely like Flash CS3 for android development?
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I was a confident making games in Flash, but I've never been able to get into phone app development. The things I liked most about CS3 were dragging things around a visual 'screen' to see what they would look like, and the 'just works' aspect - I could just write code, output it to swf, and have a thing that worked on a web page exactly liked it worked on my computer - there wasn't any fuss with virtualenvs or anything like that. (I'm a hobbyist, not a professional developer). Is there anything out there with these features?
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Android developer here. Yeah, so with the recent Jetpack Compose stuff they're trying to get closer to this WYSIWYG ideal but it's still a ways off.

React Native tho maybe you would like? No dragging things around, but you can whip up layouts really fast.
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Best answer: p.s. After thinking more about your question, what about Unity?
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Response by poster: That's a good point! I've never learned Unity because I think of it as a thing for 3d, but you're right, it's pretty much exactly what I should learn.
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Best answer: There's also Godot which is pretty good too and worth considering.
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Best answer: I came here to say "Unity" too. It has a whole toolset for 2d games, in parallel to the 3d stuff. There's a lot there, and there's probably more-than-average bad advice out there, but it's very powerful assuming you can stomach the licensing (and if not, there's always Godot).
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