If it were a snapshot I'd frame it
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I have been saving a short vm on my iphone from a family member who passed away a few months ago.

What is the best (best quality combined with low tech owning) way to preserve this vm, past the life of the phone and the carrier company subscription which I will probably change soon? And share it with other family? Thanks.
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First thing I'd try is using the Phone app's inbuilt sharing facility to send it to myself as an email. I would expect the result to be an email with an attachment in some standard audio format.
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I’m very sorry for your loss. You can tap on the voicemail, hit the share icon and save the resulting MP3 anywhere you’d like. Apple’s support doc here.
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You could actually frame it. Another place.

As far as hosting the mp3 for sharing: Google Drive, Dropbox, Youtube, Soundcloud.
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Yup, you can just export them from the Phone app to Dropbox or whatever. It gets exported as an m4a audio file.
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Send it to yourself first.

I'd also save copies on a flash drive, cloud backup, and maybe even download it to one of those voice greeting cards (you can buy custom ones off Amazon easily for a few bucks and download it yourself).
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