Blogger Help: All of my posts were removed from blog - now have a list
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Don't know what happened. There is no blog, only a list of the individual posts throughout the years with a monogram letter next to each post. I can access them to edit but not to post. I want to upload them to a newly created blog - would this be possible? Can I download them in one file to have on my HD? Does anyone know what happened and if this is fixable?
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Please give a lot more information about the original blog. What kind of software or service was it? Can you give the name of the service? When did you create the original posts? What form were they in previously?

Plus about seven more relevant facts :)
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Response by poster: @amtho - just used the online Blogger software, nothing fancy. I created the blog way back in 2006. It was visible, working and online up to about a year ago. The format was the one designated by google. Nothing was changed in that.
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Best answer: This comment on Blogger support sounds like a similar problem, caused by the loss of code during an updating of something.
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Best answer: A low-stakes thing to try is to follow instructions for importing a blogger blog into Wordpress (or another site, but Wordpress has specific online instructions and is, I believe, free.) It has you download the posts in one file to save to your computer and then import them into Wordpress.
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Best answer: Yes, you can download everything from Blogger (and anything else in your Google account) by using Google Takeout. Go here: and follow the instructions.

Like everything Google it's very simple to use, and from experience it works exactly as expected. I've not tried to do anything with my Blogger data (I just wanted a backup), but it definitely downloaded all of my hundred or so blog posts, so at least you'll have them on your hard drive.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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