Volunteering on Election Day
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I have Election Day off and I'm interested in last-minute volunteering. What would be the best use of my time in the Bay Area? What is it not too late to sign up for?
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Many campaigns and organizations are still looking for as many phone bankers as they can get.

DemAction partners with Swing Left SF & Marin, as well as Sister District.

- Swing Left Marin is a national Biden/Harris campaign hub, so the events are larger (could be a little chaotic), but lots of experience and most up-to-date info on what the campaign needs us to do.

- Swing Left SF events seem a little bit more intimate. The events are really well organized.

- If state legislature in TX/AZ are what interests you, there's that option too

Swing Left SF is also working on defending 2 seats in Congress, held by Josh Harder and TJ Cox. These are expected to be really close and Republicans are trying hard to get them back. If doing something more local appeals to you, check these out:

Josh Harder
TJ Cox

Memail me your email if you want me to forward to you the last SLSF newsletter, which has some other options plus tips & training resources for voter outreach.
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Phone banking for sure - the resources above are great. I also have volunteered with Supermajority in the past and they are doing a number of GOTV efforts between now and Tuesday (www.supermajority.com/gotv).

I work for a political advocacy organization, and I can tell you that phone banking for GOTV in these next two days is incredibly helpful.
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