Best Biden/Harris org to throw last money at?
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I get all kinds of emails with all kinds of names, what is the best one to throw a couple last minute dollars at for the election?
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There's basically nothing a little extra money can do to influence the election at this point. There are likely to be two Senate runoffs as a result of the election. Put the money towards one of them as soon as it's clear who the Democratic candidate will be.
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If you really want to do something for this election specifically, you can do something like pizza to the polls to try to help encourage people to stay in line if there's long delays.
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Marc E. Elias and the team at DemocracyDocket, which is fighting in court against GOP voter suppression. It's vital work, which will continue in the days after the election too.
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Response by poster: Well, I'm high-risk and won't be mixing in at the polls, BUT I will look this link up. (So I should ignore these plaintive fb messages from VictoryforBiden, Ladies who have Kamala's Back, and so on?)

I'm thinking what I had would not buy a lot of pizza (I'm only working 4 hours/week since my second job never came back), but I thought it would never hurt to toss in a few dollars.

I do love this idea of pizza at the polls.
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Your best bet at helping the future of country is focusing on the Senate races that will be decided after Tuesday. The only thing a campaign might be able to spend money on at this point is online advertising (and even that's not certain), and at this juncture, there's precious few people that might be persuaded by a banner ad. For better or worse, Biden has already won or lost, we just don't know it yet.

The battle for the Senate is just as important and even if there's a Democratic swing on Tuesday, the battle over Georgia will be worth fighting because it will give people like Manchin the ability to vote no on key issues knowing that there's sufficient cover to allow him to vote strategically.

If you're only working 4 hours/week, I also heartily endorse taking care of yourself and doing free activity like phone banking for Warnock when the time comes.
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