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What would be your perfect breakfast after a night with a partner? No unfertilized egg jokes please...

Plan to make my new partner breakfast tomorrow morning. Can turn my hand to most things so any good ideas, simple or fancy, would be well received.
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Some people think fruit crepes are sexy.
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Best answer: Make something that you know that you are good at making?
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I'm a fan of the traditional eggs-and-meat type breakfast, after a night of... exercise. Omelets, bacon, sausage. And don't forget the fresh-squeezed orange juice.
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Strawberries and cream for dessert.

Can't beat a breakfast with dessert, and you can't beat strawberries.
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Do they like sweet things or savoury? I'm a savoury person myself, but know that others prefer jams and honeys to meat and eggs.

Continental-style covers both bases - good ham, boiled eggs, tasty bread, orange juice, good coffee, croissants, jam, butter. Gives the person a choice.

Of course, if you know they're ok with the savoury and fried approach, the full english - eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, fried bread.
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Coffee and a bagel. Maybe a sandwich bagel if they were really good.
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It depends on what they like. If the ingredients are to hand my partner gets a big fruit smoothie if she's off to exercise and a big bacon buttie if not.
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I can't believe that nobody here has suggested the traditional MetaFilter breakfast.

And yes, I'm honestly trying to be helpful here -- there's nothing that says "special breakfast" quite like our old friend the pancake.
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Give her (him?) the sausage and eggs. Then get breakfast ready while partner is in the shower. I suggest something light and vegetarian, but with some extra stuff to throw down her throat if light isn't enough. Tea and muffin, or some healthy crunchy cereal and soy milk, or some nice warm oatmeal and cinnamon, but not too much of whatever it is. Have various nice fruit in a bowl for then or for grabbing on the way out the door.

Don't overdo it. Always leave 'em hungry for more.
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Waffles (or, yes, pancakes) with a selection of several toppings. Syrup, fruit, or my wife's favorite: ice cream and chocolate syrup.
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French toast, yoghurt, orange juice and a mug of tea.

French toast variation: (1) cut a hole in the bread (2) put the bread in the frying pan with some oil (3) crack the egg into the hole so the yolk stays in the hole but the white goes all over the bread (don't break the yolk). (4) fry, flip, fry. Yum yum...
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Nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats a full English w/ cup of coffee/tea and fresh orange juice. Especially if you get up late and are in no hurry to go anywhere.

I think I've been in this country for too long. I've been integrated!
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Back when I was in the enviable position of ending up in this situation, eggs benedict was my favourite breakfast.
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Just make sure your fridge and pantry are well-stocked the day before. Have eggs, flour, butter, cheese, milk, syrup, bacon, sausage meat, bread, OJ and coffee on hand. That's not such a long list, but it'll let you make pretty much any breakfast staple. If you want to get really fancy, have buttermilk and baking powder too; otherwise, maybe add a box of Bisquick. (Oh, fine, if you're in the UK and want to get fancy you'll need all sorts of strange things — beans and mushrooms and alleged "pudding" made from god knows what — but I'm sure you know more about that than I do.)

Then you can just — suavely, nonchalantly — ask what she wants. Odds are whatever it is, you'll be set up to make it. And you'll get more brownie points for asking, and giving her what she wants like it's no big deal, than you would for making elaborate plans without consulting her.
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Strawberries with nutella, silver dollar pancakes and/or english muffins with real butter, and sausage.
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Best answer: Very simple and very light: wholemeal toast, the best smoked salmon you can afford and scrambled free-range eggs.

Tastes amazing and takes no time at all.
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I don't think what you eat is as important as how it's presented.

If it's served in bed, put a fresh white tea-cloth on a tray, use the best china and find something heart shaped as decoration (a chocolate is good if you're making coffee).

If you're eating together at the table, a fresh table cloth, flowers, best china, teapot or cafetière and again something heart shaped.

Don't bring the plates to the table already filled, put the food in good dishes so that you can serve your partner at the table.

Good luck!
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A salad of fresh seasonal berries and champagne
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Personally, I've found that something fun gets the job done. That depends on what you're partner's like, I suppose, but blueberry pancakes, for example, have been known to make people squeal with delight.

If you're going for something a bit more 'grown up', crepes are easy, quick, and delicious (filled with fresh fruit, or nutella if your instinct tells you it's right).

On the other hand, something out of the ordinary - surprising but welcome - could be good. Homemade granola is one of the best breakfasts out there (include shredded coconut, toasted hazelnuts, and s bit of flaxseed for sure; cinnamon is also a good bet). Try serving it up with a few exotic fruits.
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If you go the pancake/waffle route, try heating up some syrup and putting the butter into that. It makes it so much more delicious, and you dont struggle to spread cold butter (assuming you forgot to leave it out to soften) over a pancake.
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Do you know what your partner likes? The opinions on what constitutes breakfast varies, (personally I can't stand sweet food and pancakes in the morning, but I might be weird), just make it pretty and extravagant, lots of food, nice tablecloth, flowers. And some fresh fruits for dessert is a very good idea! Something bitesized (or cut into bitesizes) to feed each other and...
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For the all-out breakfast, I make my stuffed French toast:

Take one baguette, slice into 2" thick slices on a bias. Cut a small slit into the crust, and carefully stuff with a mix of Brie and whatever fruit you have on hand. Peaches are lovely, as are strawberries and raspberries and blueberries.

For the batter, you'll need eggs, orange juice (fresh squeezed), brown sugar, cinnamon, powdered ginger, cardamom, vanilla. Mix to taste, keeping in mind you want it mostly eggy.

Eggify the bread as normal, sautee in butter. Optional: flambe with Grand Marnier to finish.

Serve with slices of chilled melon, a tall flute of champagne and fresh squeezed OJ, and any of: proper maple syrup, powdered sugar, high-quality honey (but not Scarlet Manuka honey from New Zealand; it doesn't work quite right), homemade fruit syrup of some sort (easy method: make a simple syrup with sugar and water over heat, with fruit peels in).

Eat, preferably from one plate together.

Bask in the admiration.

Get more sexings.
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bouncebounce: "Very simple and very light: wholemeal toast, the best smoked salmon you can afford and scrambled free-range eggs.

Tastes amazing and takes no time at all.

This sounds delicious but I'm not sure I want to kiss someone with smoked salmon on their breat. That's just something you might want to consider.
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Ina Garten's best breakfast: French toast made with croissants! Slice the croissants as if you were going to use them to make a sandwich, then proceed to use the "slices" just as you would bread. A little powdered sugar, maple syrup and some strawberries and you'll be in like Flynn.

So to speak.
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Also, to point out the obvious: the nicest breakfast you can have has been prepared by someone else, with love.

And hunger is the best spice.
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Whatever you can make well. Standard eggs-meat-toast-juice-tea is just fine. The extra-super-wonderful bonus points are for bringing it to your partner in bed.
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Baked, warm brie topped with a little honey & cinnamon, fresh french bread, champagne with fresh fruit. Mmmm...
Of course, that's good anytime of the day. I'm not big on the eggs & bacon thing, not very romantic, in my opinion. Fresh crepes with fruit and lots of whipped cream would be good too!
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Man...all that sounds good. Where are you, anyway? Know how to make Migas or Chilaquiles? (The Blue Star Cafe in Seattle, Wallingford, specifically, makes unreal Chilaquiles)

Plate of either of those with a side of chorizo (those of you in Dallas should be thinking Cafe Brazil at this point) does nicely. Spicy breakfasts getcha goin!
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Eggs benedict with lox or nova between the egg and muffin: heavenly luscious.

And as to smoked salmon breath - not a big deal if its shared.
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Best answer: I love French toast (made from challah), bacon, and fresh fruit salad. Simple and straightforward, but elegant, too. Choose only the best ingredients--the best bacon I ever had was from a Pennsylvania-Dutch butcher. Fresh-squeezed OJ (or your partner's favorite juice) elevates the meal.

And absolutely, if she drinks tea or coffee, get the best you can of either. Loose tea leaves steeped in filtered water, or buy whole coffee beans and grind them in the morning. Very good, fresh whole milk or cream, if she takes them. Heat the mugs by filling them with hot water a few minutes before serving the tea or coffee. To me, breakfast is wonderful, but the very best hot drink really starts the morning off right.

If you do go with the French toast, or pancakes, or anything that deserves a topping of some sort, see if you can get your hands on some maple butter. This stuff is magic. I've seen it (a different brand) in a local gourmet-foods store, so you may be able to find it near you.
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Best answer: Champagne. Smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel. Strawberries. 'nuff said.
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Best answer: Spinach and Jarlsberg Omlette; Orange Juice; Water; Spiced Home Fries.
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Green eggs and ham would make me laugh.
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Bloody Mary. More than one.
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Best answer: More sex.
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Best answer: Samosas (Champagne and OJ), soft boiled egg in a proper egg cup, toast points for dipping, stripy bacon (american bacon). Here's why...Samosa just plain says 'relaxing brunch'. soft boiled egg and toast- elegant or childlike, take your pick. Bacon for the aroma.
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I believe champagne & OJ is called a Mimosa, not a Samosa....
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Best answer: I believe champagne & OJ is called a Mimosa, not a Samosa....

Not when it's served by a hot Indian!

I've always been more of a fan of the cold pop-tart to go myself.

Seriously though... Fruit, fresh bagels with nice lox and fresh cream cheese, fresh coffee, a newspaper (particularly on a Sunday morning) and a snuggle. Perfect, even now with my wife years later!
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A GF I had. . .once it got more serious, she got up and whipped up some cinnamon rolls. One of her roommates commented, "Oh, it must be love, now."
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Waffles topped with French Vanilla ice cream topped with corn syrup are both awesome and easy to eat without cutlery making them very breakfast in bedable.
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You know I wrote samosa and thought 'isn't that the same as a fried indian treat?' So instead of actually correcting myself I felt it necessary to explain it. What a dumbass.
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Waffles and vanilla ice cream, yes. The kicker: Bananas Fosters on top...
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i can't believe people suggesting champagne, you guys have really strong stomaches... I couldnt drink first thing in the morning, then again maybe it's because I would have prolly had drinks the night before.

May I suggest french bread (baguette if you will) with olive oil and brown sugar (no, not weed) on it as appetisers for breakfast...
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if you're in the UK and want to get fancy you'll need all sorts of strange things — beans and mushrooms and alleged "pudding" made from god knows what
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Pig's blood and fat, mainly. Black Pudding. Mmmmm...

I'd vote for warm croissants with preserves, OJ & an English Breakfast blend of tea.
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Oooh, seconding the chilaquiles (cut some corn tortillas into bite-sized pieces, fry them in a litle bit of oil, then add eggs, cheese, salsa, and anything else you like. Scramble it all up and serve with sour cream. So tasty.)
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Best answer: Scrambled eggs on toast, topped with strips of smoked salmon, prettily arranged strips of avocado and a touch of cracked pepper. Quick, impressive, delicious, and safe to prepare while naked.

And good coffee.

oh bugger... okay, what bouncebounce said, but with avocado.
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My favorite would be scones with clotted cream and fresh berries. But you're in the UK so that's probably not as special as it would be in the US.

Coffee first, then mimosas if we were not planning on leaving the house. Breakfast over crossword puzzles in bathrobes.

I think a breakfast burrito with all the toppings would be great, too, served with coffee or bloody marys (Tortillas, scrambled eggs, black beans, salsa, cheese, fresh avocado, etc.)

(Or the continental option with french or francese bread plus a selection of cheeses and fruit. For me, a papaya = he really cares.)
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The best thing for me is when the boy asks what I want. Just have a bunch of stuff on hand (eggs, pancake fixins, bacon, some sort of bread product, fruit, maybe some potatoes for hash browns) and ask what they want.

This works best if we are snuggling in bed, he asks what I want to eat, then gets up to make it while I stay in bed staring at the cieling and thinking about how dreamy he is.
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Response by poster: Good Morning! Got a bunch of basics in. She wanted scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon, fresh OJ, fresh coffee and more sex. Yum. Thanks for all the replies, you Americans have some sweet tooths and some breakfast ideas unheard of this side of the pond. But then again we have black pudding n brown sauce. Thanks again all.
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