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What kind of experiences have you had with using online tutorials/courses to help learn common softwear programs, word, quickbooks, elements, datacad and the like.

Looking for tutorials that do more then walk one through the basics but give sample problems and situations to work through. A course that well help one gain a better then beginners level of proficiency with a program before one needs to use it in a real world setting. Searches with any kind of keywords for this the results are humongous. It would be good to hear recommendations for reputable sources of learning resources and or reviews. Free is not a necessity, (but would be a bonus).
posted by flummox to Education (7 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite often has links to good tutorials.
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HP online classes
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nimsey lou: it looks like that link contains your personal session information.
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oops... Try this one.
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Not a software as such but the Albino Blacksheep live redesign takes you step by step through a css redesign:

"Not only do you get to see the code that causes the design changes, but you get to see the page change while you go through the tutorial."
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Best answer: Contact your local community college and see if they offer classes on line. Mine is the Northern Virginia Community College and they offer a large range of software-based classes. I have taken Flash 2004 and also Paintshop Pro and both were very good, plus the courses were compatively cheap at around $80 each.
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MIT online has some really good free courses. Check it out. I can't remember the link though. Just search for "MIT" "free"
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