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Yahoo paid search. I run online ppc marketing for my company in Europe. I have a question about the way Yahoo make us pay our bills and manage our account.

We spend around Eur 6k per month with Yahoo. Unfortunatly they are telling us right now that we need to pay each Yahoo account seperately in each country. This is a nightmare from a billing and invoicing perspective. Google don't operate this way - we pay them one big bill for all the countries we run our paid search advertising in, and I only have to deal with one account manager.

Has anyone has similiar experience with Yahoo and does it change when you spend more with them ? Any way to convince them that this is an insane way to do business ?
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Looks to me as if Yahoo has just decided to segregate ad operations by country.
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The person who Jellicle linked to said, "when I spoke with a Yahoo rep on their Publisher Support line..."

Is there some human being you can talk to? For Eur 6K per month, I would expect to have some sort of account rep I could discuss things with.

It may be that they'll only be convinced when enough customers take their business elsewhere.
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In the US, if you've spent $80k within the year, you qualify for their Platinum service and they'll give you an individual account manager.

It looks like you spend more than this, so assuming a similar setup exists in Europe, you should be able to get one Yahoo representative on the phone to discuss this situation.

I can't say whether they'll start combining all of your European spending, but at least you'll have one person looking into the issue and hearing your complaints.
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Response by poster: yeah - we do have "platinum service" but I don't call having to deal with 14 different billing departments very good. I'm meeting my rep in a few weeks to discuss. Just wanted to see if anyone had any tips before I met him. I really think this situation sucks.
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