Fun Hall🎃ween gift ideas for kids?
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I want to give my nieces (7-yo and 5-yo) small gifts for Halloween during the coming two weeks. I'm thinking a couple of cute and fun small things that altogether cost $10-20. If you have any ideas about making fun Halloween cards, I would love to hear about them! We all live in Sweden.

I've already thought about candy, tattoos and stickers.
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Best answer: 7 yo - silver nail polish or other interesting costume-y colors
5 yo - face paint, scary or non

When I was a kid, we had a dress-up box of old dresses suit jackets, graduation gown, etc. Thrift shops have scarves and skirts and stuff. Outlandish stuff makes great costumes.
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Best answer: Bouncy balls, Halloween themed erasers and pencils, Halloween bubbles, little monster and/or otherwise Halloween themed toys
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Best answer: I live in Sweden and the five-year-old checked out a book about face painting from the library and is totally into the book. So maybe print out a couple of face paint designs along with the face paint suggested above? Because I don’t think the magic is in the paint, I think it’s in someone painting his or her face and not all of us are good at that without instructions.

Bubbles are still a huge hit with my 5 1/2 and 3 1/2-year-old grandkids.

The five-year-old also loves watching these YouTube videos about how to make Halloween cupcakes that look like spiders or other scary things. So maybe a printed out recipe with paper cupcake holders?
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Best answer: Play dough and some googly eyes and plastic teeth so they can make monsters.
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Best answer: Small flashlight so they can play flashlight tag. There are Halloween themed flashlights that create silhouettes, if I remember correctly. The flashlights also came in handy during trick or treating where we lived because of poorly lit stairs.
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Best answer: Halloween themed nail stickers/ decals
Glow in the dark stickers would be great if you can find them.
Any Halloween themed kids book
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Best answer: This dragon illusion is free and amazing:
Here is a youtube demonstration and assembly.
Also, there's Ravensblight
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Response by poster: I ended up buying them Halloween themed candy buckets that I filled with pumpkin squishies, more toys, Halloween themed drinking straws (they really like straws!), big lollipops, unicorn marshmallows, pumpkin themed chocolates and spoopy sour candy in the shape of an eye. Most of the stuff I got at Flying Tiger which really is the bestest store ever. They really liked their gifts and I even got a thank-you video!!!
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