Gift ideas for the holidays
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Holidays are coming. Gifts need to be bought, for friends, colleagues and family. Care to share good ideas in a long wishlist thread here? inspired by this metatalk

To kick this one off; For a pal who likes to read I'm getting this neat box set of Maisonneuve mag. For my SO, I'm hunting desperatly for cool cufflinks - ideas? (web buying would be neat but not req.)
If I'm breaking any rules here, sorry. Am I? I really think this is a good idea, to share gift-ideas I mean.
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these cufflinks will be on my site soon ( lots of other stuff already there and on the way next week. [/selflink]
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I'm not sure i can quantify your cool prerequisite for cufflinks, but Thomas Pink always has a vast (but moderately expensive) selection. You can find his stores in the US, too.
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The Anthology of American Folk Music is hours of fun for anyone who likes roots music. (Available from Smithsonian Folkways records). Couple with Greil Marcus' Invisible Republic for people also interested in Dylan.
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Contributions to charities! Contributions to charities!

Seriously. Instead of another tie for Dad, why not toss that cash toward the Prostate Cancer Research Institute. And cheer up your left-wing Mom with a gift to the ACLU Foundation. You get the idea.

A nice card, a small but carefully chosen gift (food, stationery, etc.), and a donation in a loved one's name are a fantastic answer, "What do I get for someone who has everything?"
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Home Improvement, Season 1 is now out on case you missed it looking at the new Seinfeld set.
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answer to the question "What do I get for someone who has everything?"

And if you want cool cufflinks, I like these people's selection.
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Contributions to charities! Contributions to charities!

Give a donation to Heifer International a wonderful worldwide charitable organization that does much more than put food in the mouths of hungry people. Heifer helps hungry people feed themselves.
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A hearty round of seconds:

Re OmieWise's suggestion: The Anthology of American Folk Music is a good gift for folks who might not already be fans of roots music as well. Do they like old-timey stuff in general? Go for it! While not appropriate for everyone it is worth checking out in a lot of cases. What? they already have it? I've found the Roots N' Blues: Retrospective 1925-1950 box set to be a nice companion.

Big picture gift giving, Sidhedevil is on the money with Charities. It saved our Christmas on one side last year, and will likely do so again this year.
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Googling (or Froogling) "compass cufflinks" will reveal a fine selection of good geeky cufflinks. I got my husband a pair where one's a compass and the other's a clock. has some stunning ones.
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swoon! lovely (and in the uk = closer to me, wee!). Great ideas with the charities too, very good idea.
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What should I buy for the ladies I work with? They are all about 45-55 (I'm 22) and I'm looking to spend about $10-15 each.
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Cook's Illustrated Annuals.

Individual years are nice, but the entire collection is nicer.
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Vases, from the way the ladies dress you can probably suss out if they like frilly or colorful, minimalistic or classic, and at Ikea you could get very stylish ones for no money. Spice up with flower before giving.

One can never have too many vases see.
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A Very Scary Solstice.
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Another thing, because I just realized how many are on my list, is a subscription to a magazine that the person might not otherwise get. Some are really cheap (Wired=$10); some get very pricey (The New York Review of Books=$64).
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Coffeemate, that's sweet. My default generic gift is really pretty candles. Check what your coworkers have on their desks and walls already to see what colors they like. I also think coming to work and seeing desks full of fresh flowers for everyone is lovely any time, but especially in winter.

What do I want? Thanks for asking! Kitchen toys. And for all kids to get the toys they want, too.
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another friends gift sorted thanks to homunculus link. awesome!
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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
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This thread is much better at picking gifts than the GiftMixer 3000 (advergame thing.)
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homunculus, that link rocks my socks. May the Old Ones eat you painlessly.
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Please don't give me cufflinks or pretty candles for christmas.
Kitchen Toys, oh yes, now you're talking. Vases though, that's the ticket. One truly can never have too many vases. Thank you dabitch.
Magazine subscriptions I have given in the past. It's the gift that keeps on giving, and if they really like the magazine you can renew the subscription next christmas.
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You can rarely go wrong with a good bottle of single malt to anyone (well, anyone male) over about 20. But do make sure it is single malt... Bell's or Jack Daniels just isn't suitable.
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