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I believe I qualify for Italian citizenship through ancestry. Several relatives and I would like to pool our money to hire an agent to get the required documents, translate them, and deliver them to our respective consulates in the US. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to start?

For some context on the particular case here: Our grandfather was Italian-born and naturalized as a US Citizen AFTER marrying my grandmother (a US Citizen). As far as I can tell, she automatically became an Italian citizen at that point and then transmitted citizenship rights to my father/uncle, who were born AFTER 1948.

A consultation with an expert would be helpful here.
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Seems Italian citizenship is the flavour of the month! Here's a previous question:
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is a fabulous message board that has sub sections on, among other things, qualification, documents, etc.
I highly recommend reading around that board for a bit, it has been super helpful to me.

Also, the appropriate Italian Consulate for where you live will have a page that explains quite authoritatively the requirements and the documents needed.
For example:
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