Fill my ear holes!
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I am looking for larger gauged (from 12g up to 0g) ear jewelry such as this or what's found here in both the Toronto and Ottawa regions. I'm in the market for some new ear duds and will be in both these places in the near future so I'd like a mission while I'm visiting these places. Thanks in advance!
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In Toronto, you'll want to go to Kensington Market (just north of Dundas, near the AGO), head shops (which for some reason often sell body jewellery) on Yonge Street south of Bloor and north of Dundas, and random places along Queen West, between (roughly) John and Spadina.
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Second the Kensington Market area in Toronto, but I would also further your Queen West viewing to past Spadina, as there's a fair bit of interesting stuff along there (between John and Spadina is mostly clothes, now). The Yonge & Wellesley area is very good for this sort of thing, as well.
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Locations noted. Thanks a bunch!
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