Small UK (USB) Plug.
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I'm looking for a small UK plug with USB a connector to charge my phone with whilst travelling. As small as possible please!
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You probably want this:
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The plugs depend on the phones, or you could find a phone-to-USB plug, then get a USB Power Adapter as mhoye linked. You can buy them from other sources than Apple, but check the reviews first, and check the voltage info on the adapters and your phone.

Another thing to find, feature-wise: foldable prongs. It's easier for US 2-prong adapters, but I'm sure there's something similar for UK adapters.
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Best answer: ...or this one at one-thirteenth of the price...
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If this is an iPhone, make sure the adapter is compatible [or you can return it if not]. The iPhone wants voltages on two pins of the USB connector that many [older? cheaper?] charge adapters do not provide.

For example, the USB port on my automotive inverter will charge my old Samsung BlackJack using its cable, but will not charge my iPhone with its sync cable.
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