What are the best earplugs for swimming?
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What are the best ear plugs for swimming?

As a child I always had really bad ear infections. So much that it put me off swimming for a while as I would always get water in my ears and it would really hurt! I soon discovered that wearing a swimming cap was the best solution. A fair few years have passed now and I am a little less bothered by water getting in my ears but still find it painful at times.

Now I'd like to find a really good pair of earplugs. I always used to find the wax ones let water in after a while and often get dirt on them. But then again some silicon ones felt uncomfortable because it felt like they were digging into my ear canal.

When it comes to earplugs for swimming is there one universal name or brand that springs to mind?
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I have had water/ear issues also my whole life, and I actually have used "Ear Planes" for swimming. They are actually pressurizing ear plugs made for flying but they work great in the water. I got them at CVS (or your pharmacy)
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Best answer: I have the same problem, I swim 3x a week and have often gotten nasty ear infections from pool water in my ears.

I use the silicone Mac's Pillowsoft in my right ear, and the regular swim earplugs from Speedo or whoever in the other. I break the Mac's in half, and they work well that way. I am right handed, and swim freestyle with my right ear up when I breathe. I haven't had any problems, although I did notice that if I don't keep the ear plugs (and the container they are in) dry after I swim, they get mold on them.

I haven't tried the Aquablock that fozzie33 recommends, or the Ear Planes, but they look promising.
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My sister had tubes in her ears & wore earplugs to swim & shower throughout her childhood, & always seemed to like the Mack's moldable earplugs.
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2nd-ing Mack's. I've tried many different brands in my line of work, and these are definitely the most comfortable. You can buy them at most drug stores.
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When I was a kid with leaky eardrums, I always swam and bathed wearing earplugs that were custom-made by the ear doctor. If you have insurance, this might be something to consider...they didn't get "gross" because the rubber or silicone or whatever was firm and didn't collect grime. And since they were shaped to my ears, they made a tight seal but didn't hurt.
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