Safe, affordable firepit
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I'd like to have a small firepit on my balcony (propane is allowed, no wood), possibly with an insert that converts it into a table. The ones I've seen in the $200-300 range have some very scary Amazon reviews: a lot of people love and then someone will say "the gas line melted." I'm open to buying the components and hiring someone locally to construct one, but would rather buy. Suggestions, please? Thanks.
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I love the $99 Outland fire pit I bought at Costco. We’ve used it hundreds of times with no problems. YMMV.
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Yeah, I was just coming to recommend the Outland fire pits. I can't remember now if I got mine at Costco or somewhere else, but I bought it because it's what all the RV campers I saw at music festivals were using, and everyone I asked liked theirs and had been getting a lot of use out of it without problems. I haven't used mine a ton, but it's been trouble-free.
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Response by poster: Thank you! The price is right, but I'm looking for something that's a little more aesthetic that would conceal a small propane canister. Please keep suggestions coming!
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