Fire pit in screened-in porch?
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Can I use a fire pit in a screened-in porch?

I recently bought a fire pit, which is a flat copper/steel bowl on legs with a dome-shaped screen top. I am planning to use it in my screened-in porch, but wondering whether this is safe. Is there any reason I shouldn't do this, and use it in my back yard instead?
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In what way would this be less safe than a fire in a house? In the living room?

Identify those elements that may be an issue and deal with them, than you are fine*.

(heat and spark isolation is a good place to start).
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No. Aside from the fire danger, the porch will be full of smoke.

Yes, use your back yard instead. That's what those things are made for.
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Your porch has a roof, and that will trap heat and smoke into your porch. Smoke doesn't vent well from the sides, since heat rises - you'll be smoked out in minutes, and you'll have a sooty mess on your ceiling!
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Backyard. And a few feet away from the house, at that.

Putting one of those on a screened porch is like asking to be on the news as a 3-alarm conflagration.
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Oh yeah, this will only end poorly. You'll definitely smoke out. Consider: even if the smoke vented well from the sides, having smoke venting INTO YOUR EYES is ALWAYS less than optimal. Backyard. Or elaborate chimney built into porch.
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Get a propane burner and bury it in broken tempered glass/volcanic rock,clean fire fun.
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You could work it out with a vent hood if you really want to use it in the porch. It doesn't need to have a motor or fan, just a passage for the smoke and heat so it doesn't pummel the ceiling.
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Just cut a hole in the roof of your porch, put a hood on it (so water doesn't come in), and screen over the hole (so the bugs don't come in).
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Not a good idea, especially if the floor of your porch is wood.
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In addition to being a bad idea on its own merit, this is probably against your local building codes, which could have very bad consequences in the event of a later insurance claim.
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There are indoor fireplaces that could be mounted and vented properly for this purpose.. treat this room as inside space and install something appropriate for that.

or, to answer your question... no
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If you want to have a fire on the porch, get a woodstove & have it properly piped. That would be really pleasant on cool evenings.
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