Was this episode of KALW’s Writer’s Voice Radio ever aired?
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I attended a reading by William Gibson for the paperback release of Pattern Recognition on February 5, 2004 at long-defunct San Francisco bookstore, A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books, and it was supposed to have been recorded for public radio. I'd like to confirm whether or not it ever aired and if it did, if it's possible to obtain the audio.

The program seems to have been Writer's Voice Radio, which was hosted and executive produced by Neal Sofman, owner of A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books.

According to the Wayback Machine's archive of the Writer's Voice Radio website, no episode featuring William Gibson is listed in the program archives, but page 15 (also marked as both "17" and "Page 89 of 120") in this PDF, which I came across in a recent search, includes the following in an ad for the program.
In the coming weeks, you’ll hear, among others:

William Gibson's new paperback, Pattern Recognition, blends the worlds of marketing, globalization, technology, and espionage. No one captures our fast-paced culture as skillfully as Gibson.
While the website seems dubious at best, Notable Quotes includes the quote "The future is not Google-able" from this same reading, which makes me wonder if some recording or transcript does or did exist.

I e-mailed KALW and received no response. Neal Sofman appears to be co-owner of BookShop West Portal, but an e-mail to them also went unanswered.
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He seems an affable Twitter presence -- have you asked him directly? Worth a shot!
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The William Gibson fan groups listed here and here may have clues. For instance, if you can find an archive of this Yahoo! Group, that might have some relevant info.
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