Online photo contest- best way to manage logistics
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My spouse has volunteered to host and judge a photo contest for a canceled botanical festival this year. What’s the best way for him to collect and organize largeish photo files coming to him?

My gut says that a relatively easy way to deal with this would be through a Google Form (that way we we can require people upload all the information we want them to along with their files). I don’t know if we’d run into size limits on responses, though, or if this is the best way to do this just because it happens to be the only way I thought of off the top of my head. Is there a better tool for this job?
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I don’t know if we’d run into size limits on responses, though,

As I was curious, I just played with it myself , and you do need to set limits the size of each file, as well as limiting the total size of all files before it stops accepting any more responses. (Both can be set to 1TB though.)

Two potential downsides are that all the uploaded files get stored in the your Google Drive, (which may be an issue if you are expecting a large number of fairly large files and/or are close to running out of space already) and it will only allow people signed into Google to answer the form, once there’s a file upload question.
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Ooh, requiring a Google sign in is probably a no-go. Huh, thanks for letting me know.
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maybe use WeTransfer for sending? You'd want to download soon, I think the link lasts 1 week by default.
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