Need websites selling various quantities of screws/bolts/nuts/washers
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Looking for websites offering wide selections of screws/nuts/bolts/washers, where I can choose various smaller quantities, like 25/50/100 of each item. I have checked out the main ones (mcmaster/fastenal/grainger), but those ones are expensive. I'm hoping to find out about others where I can choose these quantities and are much less expensive. Thanks.
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SmallParts used to be its own thing and a pretty good seller of...small parts. It was acquired by Amazon in an anti-competitive action and still exists, in lamentably squashed fashion through Amazon search here
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What sizes are you looking for? IME McMaster usually has a wide range of price points for common fastener sizes, depending on grade, material, finish, etc. and the low-mid grade basics are quite reasonable. For example a box of 100 medium-strength 1/4-20 hex nuts is less than $5.
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I don't know where you are located but you can try here or here if you're in Canada. (I didn't check if they ship internationally.)
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There is also this one.
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Have you checked You can order 25-100 count bags at a time from them… I've only used their delivery for larger items, but it worked fine for me.
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When it is not mission-critical stuff, I go to eBay for most of my small electrical and mechanical parts these days. I find small quantity low-shipping items to be easy to find, sometimes used stock of high quality, often new stock "assortments" of middling to poor quality but astoundingly low price.
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If it doesn't have to be thru a website, that's exactly the service that local hardware stores provide. They have an open large container of each whatsit and whosie, and you select, say, five whatsits and three whosies and you pay for only that many. With curbside pickup, you could probably call in an order to your local and safely pick it up.
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IME it's better to get smaller quantities from a hardware store and larger quantities from Grainger. It's also been my experience that the per-unit prices get higher the smaller your quantities get.
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You may need Tacoma Screw, which mainly sells these products! (Their in person customer service is great, not sure about online. And I’m not sure how their prices compare...)
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bolt depot has been good for me
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Thanks for all of the suggestions.
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