Ayahuasca themes I'd like resources to help me explore
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I recently had a handful of plant medicine experiences that have me wanting to explore some spiritual ideas, but I'm overwhelmed at the places to start. I'm looking for some writings or other resources that might explain the ideas I've encountered. Ideas include: Ancient Memories, Experiences outside of time and space, generational trauma, astrology, tobacco, and Ram Dass

Idea 1) Memories of ancient, maybe even pre-human times
I feel that I experienced something as a memory. But not one that I ever had in my life (or a past life) but rather a memory of what humans have been. Like the memory of people coming together after long personal quests, to sort of celebrate. It felt like an ancient memory. Is there writing about that?

Idea 2) Experiences that happen at different times are also somehow happening at the same time... or maybe without time.
The idea that all ceremonies are in someway actually the same ceremony. That, yes, a ceremony happened on a particular evening at a particular location, but also somehow it didn't happen in that space and time.

Idea 3) Generational Traumas
Some traumas are passed down through generations. That I could carry the trauma of an ancestor from some generations back.

Idea 4) Navigating by the stars
Navigating some aspect of life via the stars. Perhaps astrology or something like it. I've always hated astrology, so would be looking for something like a skeptics. How could one reasonably begin to understand what the stars are saying and make decisions with that in mind?\

Idea 5) Tobacco
Why is tobacco so important? In what ways is it medicinal. Why is it used during ayahuasca ceremonies. Is there a spiritual reason to bring it into every day life outside of ceremonies?

Idea 6) Ram Dass
Ram Dass is mentioned a lot and I'm wondering if there is a quick guide to the basics of his teachings or influence.

erm, is this too chatty?
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Have you looked over the Ayuhuasca page on Erowid? The book suggestions and other outside links may be helpful.
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I've been watching this talk on sacred plants by Terrence McKenna (never tried anything, so don't know how common his experiences are). Part 2 especially goes into DMT and ayahuasca as well sa spiritual aspects (though one of the big takeaways is that at some point the spiritual and the political are on), I think. McKenna's thought is difficult to describe, but you might find it interesting.

In this lecture on depression, Robert Sapolsky speaks about generational stress. It's not exactly what you have been looking for re. generational trauma, but closely related. Warning - I've no idea what Sapolsky thinks about sacred plants, but he is a firm atheist.
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BTW, there is a reddit Ayahuasca board as well as others on sacred plants. I only glanced at them out of curiosity after seeing McKenna's talk (I really loved how he talks), so don't really know what they are like, but just wanted to make sure you're aware of them.
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Regarding generational trauma, you might want to contact the facilitators of this Holotropic Breathwork workshop for resources in integrating the experience.

Essentially you need an integrational therapist. Maps is a great resource and may have someone for you.

Lastly you may enjoy Timothy Leary’s version of the Tibetan book of the dead, Journey through the mind via medicinals , co authored by Richard Alpert aka Ram Dass.

(Lions Roar, a Buddhist magazine, had a nice write up on Ram Dass after his passing which was a sweet overview.)

If your journey takes you into the sphere of open hearted awareness drop me a line and I can share other resources for you.
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