Seeking quality Scandinavian (synth) pop
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I love the eponymous album Sin Cos Tan, by Finnish duo Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen which came out in like 2012 or so. For one thing, it’s a great soundtrack for driving around an urban city at night. Sample track: Sooner Than You Think; Spotify link. It made me curious what other quality Scandiavian acts I’ve been missing in the same genre. An initial search yielded nothing of merit. Any recommendations?
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You might have better luck searching for “Nordic” pop.
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Beatservice Records is a Norwegian label that may have some things you enjoy. A lot of may skew a bit more "house" but there are probably some good contenders for what you're going for. As far as I know, they're all Norwegian artists.

SmalltownSupersound is another Norwegian label, although it's not exclusively Norwegian artists. Not everything is going to fit into your aesthetic, but worth looking through.
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Rupesh Cartel - it's more aggressive dance pop than your linked song but it's definitely synthpop and oh man are their songs good (another favorite)
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Are you familiar with The Knife/Fever Ray?

Sally Shapiro is more pop.

Iamwhoiam - there's other stuff I like better but I'm striking out on finding it at the moment

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Thanks for all these recs. I’m looking into them.
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Check out Vibeke Saugestad - she's Norwegian and very prolific both in her native Norway and here in the states:

(Full disclosure: she is a friend of mine, we travel in the same music circles in the Hudson Valley.)
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Argh html fail and I'm on my phone so sorry.
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Iceland's 2020 Eurovision song Think About Things by Daði og Gagnamagnið (Wikipedia) is a synth-pop banger. (I haven't checked but I'd be embarrassed if there's no "previously" link.)

Nth-ing Todd Terje.
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