Name that Sample (Synth)
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Hoping someone can recognize a sample that my brain is telling me was lifted from a reasonably mainstream source, but I can't place it.

OK, so in this Ghosthustler remix of Futurecop's Transformers there's a synth chord line that comes in after 2m41s and repeats, before another bit of synth is layered on top of it at around 2m50s.

It seems terribly familiar, as if it came from some the intro to some reasonably mainstream 80's pop/rock source, but I can't place it. Am I nuts?
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Donna Summer--I Feel Love?
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 8:34 PM on August 23

I dont know if this is a lift, or just a bassline sigh a similar patch and pattern to some iconic 80s pop techno. I Feel Love, Major Tom (coming home), the Airwolf theme and the end titles of Bladerunner all have not dissimilar bass lines. My guess is more a general homage to something like than a direct sample.
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Maybe not what you're thinking, but I was immediately reminded of the rhythm guitar at the beginning of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell".
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My guess is more a general homage to something like than a direct sample.

SynthMania quick tip #4 - the 1980s stuttering synth bass line.
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Check out the theme to Knightrider. Sounds similar and was the first thing I thought ya go.
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