What website am I thinking of?
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I have this vague memory of a website from at least ten years ago called Cat Town. It was a collection of ridiculous stories illustrated by photos of cats in hats, originally from a Japanese website. There were recurring characters and I think they revolved around the mayor, who could have been a tuxedo cat who said "doo doo doo" a lot. This is all I remember but I loved it! I hope someone else remembers this - thank you!
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Best answer: CAT TOWN
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Response by poster: Omg YESSSSSSS!!! Searching for Cat Town got me nowhere. You have made my night, prewar lemonade!
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Best answer: I am so happy you asked this question because I LOVE CAT TOWN AND HAD FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT IT
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Best answer: Bonus: the Japanese website is Cat Prin, as featured on Vice's Cute Show here.
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Best answer: Previously: ♪ Let's all go to Cat Town ♫

"[Cats-starring-in-fake-HTML-TV-Show-Filter] It's time for... CAT TOWN! ...brought to you by MeFi's Own® Spatch! Starring El Guapo, J. Wellington Cat III, ... and Angel. Filmed in ALL CAPS! Tonight's exciting episode: THE BIG GAME!"
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Best answer: Thank you for asking this question! It's been too long since we serenaded our cats with the Cat Town Theme Song!
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Best answer: Animal Hat Gang ruled. Though I, too, have fond memories of the Catnip Bus.
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Best answer: it is very gratifying to hear people cheering cat town after nearly seventeen years (we counted)
and once we get over our serious capital letter shortage the little cats of cat town may have some more adventures sometime
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Spatch, you cannot see me cackling in my kitchen right now, but I assure you that there is much amusement. Thank you; I needed this laugh!
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