Where do you go for graphic design trends?
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I used to have a handful of quality, forward looking websites/blogs that I could reference for graphic design trends. My very favorite was something like "graphicporn" or "designporn" or something that was a play on the idea that it was graphic design eye candy. I tried both those options and neither came up and due to the word porn I obviously can't google. So, where do you go when you need some visual eye candy?
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Dribbble and Behance are my first places to look. I know a lot of people think they’re just UX-focused, but they have lots of great 3d, animation, and traditional graphic design as well. Thirdly, I go to Pinterest and put in some random design keywords. Pinterest is best if you want to get lost exploring things—I spent a day looking at computer industrial design from the 70’s. Behance and Dribbble have been more suitable when I’m looking to emulate a specific recent trend.
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Most graphic design tends to be online these days, so I like Awwwards. It has a site-of-the-day feature as well as being able to sift past sites and nominees by elements like "geometric" "colorful" "typography" etc. For other, specifically website, design, I usually check out the blog and new templates at Squarespace and Wix. For typography, I go to MyFonts and browse new and popular fonts, paying attention to both the font and the way the designer has chosen to portray the font in action. (I'm also a sucker for the pangrams and news headlines delivered in fresh fonts.....) Fonts In Use is also fun and includes a historic lens. I also earmark logos, sites, and collateral I like and track down the designer and follow them if they seem coherent and productive. For instance: Dorothy, Knoed, We Are Collins.

For print I check in with Moo cards occasionally. They have an inspiration section, as well as interviews with designers. I browse the best book cover designs at various sites 1, 2, 3, 4.
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Were you thinking of DeviantArt?
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I love Under Consideration's Brand New blog because it's not only enjoyable to get outraged about terrible redesigns, but because I find identity work to be one of the best ways to track design trends. They also do year in review posts which are usually excellent. The site design itself is very pleasing and work appropriate, and there are lots of tags if you want to get a sense of design trends in different industries.
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