What show was I watching (5/10/20) and who was the comedian?
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Today (5/10/2020) at 10:00 am Pacific Time, I was channel surfing and happened to catch a female African American telling Mother's Day jokes. What show was it?

The comedian joked about how she is glad Zoom has a 40 minute limit, because it is at the 40 minute mark that her mother starts to say annoying things like, "You should be grateful I gave birth to you...", and, luckily, Zoom cuts her off. She also joked that this is the least expensive Mother's Day ever, because all you need to do is buy your mom a package of toilet paper and a bottle of disinfectant, and she'll be happy. She went on to say that when she is videoconferencing with her mother, her mom's face is too close to the camera, so all she can see is nostrils. What channel was I watching? What show was it? Who is the comedian? I'm dying to know. Help!
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I didn’t catch the show this morning, but it sounds like something CBS Sunday morning would air, and that’s the right time of day for them. Maybe Nancy Giles?

I can check tomorrow on the CBSNews app if you don’t have an answer by then.
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Best answer: If you google “Black female comedians” you get a scroll bar of faces, maybe someone will look familiar.
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Response by poster: Thank you, nouvell. I looked at the scroll bar you provided and recognized that it was Loni Love. I then did some googling, and the show was on Fox Soul, and was "Fox Soul Mothers Day Celebration".
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