Short COVID-19 explainer video for person with dementia?
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Can anyone recommend a video that touches on the main points - where it came from, how far it’s spread, that a lot of people have died, how dangerous it is, that seniors are extra vulnerable? Ideally from the BBC, CBC (or other well-known Canadian network), CNN, ABC, or NBC. Nitty gritty not needed, neither hygiene advice. Just something from an authoritative source to get the message across that it’s dangerous to go outside.

I thought I found a good one a few days ago, but I’ve lost it. Too many vids now on developments, responses, elaborations. Need the basic story in a digestible form (because to someone for whom it’s new it’s just too unbelievable). Two minutes at most if possible.
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Kurzgesagt is an animated explainer, but 9 minutes. I'll look for something shorter ...
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CDC: What Older Adults Need to Know (2:26)
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Be prepared for it to be new every time.
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Response by poster: Oh yeah, it’s awful to have to break this news over and over again. Well familiar lol. Usually I can create a distraction, but it’s tougher when there’s a strong motivation to go (and a place to go - people are calling with invitations [?!?], so they’re normalizing hanging out, so I need something more authoritative than a “bubble-wrapping” daughter’s pleading that’s a teensy bit scary to counter that. These people [also seniors] don’t care about COVID-19 and there’s no arguing with them whatsoever.)

Also for reference MMSE is 19-20/30 on a good day, has tested as low as 10 on a bad one, short-term memory is pretty bad, we quite often get into loops, we are talking about FTD, also.

Thank you, WCityMike :)
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Coronavirus disase (COVID-19) advice for the public: Videos (WHO)

How coronavirus changed the world in three months (Guardian, YouTube, Apr. 8, 2020)

WATCH: Your basic guide to novel coronavirus, in under 5 minutes (PBS News Hour, YouTube, Apr. 1, 2020)

Numbers (Stay Home Save Lives Oregon, YouTube, Mar. 27, 2020)

COVID-19: A message from the City of Toronto (thecityoftoronto, YouTube, Mar. 26, 2020)

Covid-19 explained: How it spreads and how to stay safe (CNN, Mar. 20, 2020)
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This might be kind of a left-field idea, but you could have a Cameo made by someone your person trusts. You can tell them what to say.
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Try searching for "social story covid". Parents/educators of autistic persons use social stories to communicate difficult situations and to practice for the unknown. They are usually short and concise, and might also work for you.
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Depending on the form on dementia, you might like some of the communication-accessible resources in the files on this page. They aren't aimed at dementia but things designed to be communication- accessible are also cognition-accessible.
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