Help find a specific short video, potentially from Adult Swim?
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There was a really funny/disturbing video I remember which satirized happy home DIY videos during an ecological collapse. The host was trying mightily to mask her anxiety with cheer while offering tips about (iirc) re-using filters and making mandatory medicines taste ok, in a way that implied everything outside the house was very, very bad. I would like to watch it again, for obvious reasons. Does anyone here remember it?
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Oh that sounds really fun. It also sounds like an episode of "At Home with Amy Sedaris" which contains a lot of crazed/desperate/ridiculous DIY.
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Was it Claudia O'Doherty's makeup tutorial videos?
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Wasn't Claudia O'Doherty or Amy Sedaris but I really should watch both of those!

IIRC the host had long, straight blond hair and glasses.
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Was it definitely a video? I remember a written story in pretend blog form about a home-maker/cooking blogger living through a pandemic - posts gradually shifted to "things to cook using the government rations" and the like.
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Ends of Invention: That story was the subject of an AskMe just last week!
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Whitney Moore did a series on YouTube called (I think) Thrashtopia for Geek & Sundry which is a sort of mock talkshow set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It sounds a little like the "5 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in the Apocalypse" episode. (Warning: the ending of this is very, very dark)
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Wow, this was a more popular idea than I realized! The aesthetic in this specific video was more like, imagine a web series shot for Good Housekeeping or something. Very not punk, definitely video.
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Aw, are there only four?
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