Graphic Design Videos similar to Aaron Draplin's
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I'm looking for videos similar to the videos Aaron Draplin has done for Skillshare .

There's not a ton of technical stuff in his videos, but a lot of him explaining why he does what he does. That said, I like the technical part too, and probably wouldn't mind a bit more of it - so if it's videos where a person is creating a logo and describing what she's doing (in Illustrator Ideally), that works too. Anyone else doing similar things?

Skillshare, Udemy, YouTube, independent video sites, etc. I'm looking for something along the same vein. If you can recommend anything, please do.
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Deke McClelland comes to mind
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I'm a big fan of John McWade's design videos. (Dig around his website for a variety of other non-video stuff.) He focuses mostly on principles of design and layout, with a variety of real-world examples.

I think you'll find most of what you're looking for on a site like (now part of LinkedIn). I don't know about access to this site in Canada, but in the U.S., many public libraries offer free access to the entire library.

Seconding Deke McClelland - he's wonderful too - especially for Photoshop tips and tricks.
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Oh yes, I should have mentioned I love John Mcwade's Lynda courses.

I'm also going through Deke's Illustrator course, so I'll see what else he has available. You are both definitely on the right track, more like this please.
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